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With 35 years' experience playing and maintaining all makes of melodeon, I welcome all your melodeon queries and problems. Anything from a small repair to the full restoration of an older instrument.

All of my work is guaranteed and carried out to the highest standard.

For Example -

  • Tuning and reed overhauls
  • *Dedic/Viennese tuning a speciality
  • Action set ups
  • Re-waxing reed blocks
  • Fitting new valves
  • Re-facing pallets
  • Bushing bass buttons (reduces button rattle)
  • Bellows Gaskets
  • Fitting keyboard stops (reduces button travel)
  • Fitting strap brackets and straps
  • Fitting new grille cloths
  • Woodwork repairs and re-finishing (I am a fully skilled French Polisher/ Antique Furniture Restorer)

* Conventionally tuned 2- Voice instruments have one reed tuned to concert pitch and one reed tuned sharp to get the tremolo effect, meaning the average pitch will be sharp.

With Dedic/Viennese tuning one note is tuned sharp the other flat of concert pitch. The result is an instrument that is totally in tune with itself unlike a conventionally tuned box were the right hand is sharp of the left hand. 

I am always looking to purchase old Hohner melodeons working or not.

Concertinas also wanted

01245 473720

07885 265925


Before and after pictures of a re reeded, rewaxed and revalved reed block.

Hohner Erika c.1935 showing re-faced  pallets and bass button bushing.


'Customised' Hohner Pokerwork


The tired old gold and black paintwork stripped off then veneered with fiddleback mahogany. The Hohner lettering inlaid with boxwood then finally French Polished to bring out the beautiful figuring of the veneer.   

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